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Customer Policies By purchasing any product from The DJ House (we, us, etc.) and/or visiting our website, you must agree to have read and understood the following terms and conditions of use. The information below should make you feel comfortable and informed as a buyer. If there is anything you need that this information does not cover, do not hesitate to contact us. Please also view our privacy policy for additional information about your privacy. These policies are presented 'as is' and are subject to change.

Low Price Guarantee

We offer the guaranteed lowest prices on all DJ Equipment. We can do this with confidence because we sell our equipment at the lowest legal prices for all authorized dealers. If you buy from any dealer with prices lower than ours, the chances are that they are breaking the rules of the manufacturer, and all of the warranties and rebates on that item will be void. Not only do we sell our factory sealed items with the lowest prices, but we also offer many unused, open box items to save you even more money.

Unlisted Prices

Some of our deals are too good to advertise--literally. Most DJ equipment is required to be listed at a minimum advertised price (MAP) for authorized dealers. This means that it is illegal to advertise the product lower than that price. However, it is not illegal to SELL the product lower than the MAP. All you have to do is ask us about our lowest price on a certain item, and we will get back to you with an outstanding deal that will be hard to pass up!

Brand New, Open Box Items

Our brand new, open box items are just as good as those that are factory sealed. These items have never been used, plugged in, or damaged in any way. Generally, they have been taken out of their box to be shown on display to our customers. We could reseal these items and sell them as new, but we prefer to take advantage of this opportunity to offer our customers even better deals on our products. Any item you buy as open box (unless otherwise specefied) includes all manufacturers warranties, user manuals, rebates, and anything else that would normally come with the factory sealed item.

Order Policy

Credit card orders consist of three steps after they are placed: authorizing, processing, and delivering. Authorization usually occurs immediately. It checks the information you provide with the information on record to verify that your credit card is valid. If the information you provide matches that on file, the credit card will be charged. Processing involves reviewing your information for fraudulence and checking the availability of your items. This process can take up to two business days, but it rarely takes more than one business day. After your order is processed, it will either ship later that day or early the next morning. This begins the delivering process. For orders shipping within the 48 United States, this can take anywhere from one to five business days. For international and overseas orders, this can take from six to ten business days. Note: Items shipped internationally may also be held at customs for security reasons. This can take any amount of time, and we cannot do anything to speed up this process. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number with which you can find information about your order's estimated time of arrival, and its current location. After your order is delivered, your representative will send you a confirmation email to make sure you received your item(s).

PayPal orders often require additional security checks, and we only accept from verified, confirmed users. Some rebates and coupons may not be valid for PayPal purchases. If you have a verified PayPal account and are concerned about your purchase, please feel free to contact us to ask questions.


All orders are processed within one to two business days from authorization. We try to process as fast as possible, but our processing is done on a "first-come first-served" basis. However, by adding rush processing to your order, you will be placed above all of those who don't order it. Orders with rush processing generally take under two hours to process (sometimes immediately). Processing includes: checking your provided information for fraud and checking the availability of your items. Checking your information for fraud can take several hours depending on your order. More expensive orders generally take longer to process. Providing separate billing and shipping addresses also will extend the time. If we have any concerns about your order, we will call you as soon as possible. Checking the availability of your item is done while your order is being checked for fraud. This will usually be done faster than the fraud checks, so it takes virtually no time at all.


International Orders

Unfortunately, The DJ House cannot ship international orders for free. If you live outside of the 48 states, we recommend contacting us before you purchase the item to confirm what the shipping cost is to ship your item to your area.

Return Policy

For customers within the 48 Continental United States.

We guarantee our products will arrive in perfect, working condition (unless otherwise noted). If part of an order arrives with missing, disfunctional, or broken pieces (deficient orders), it is the buyer's own responsibility to notify us within seven days of delivery. In the case of a deficient order, we will provide the means to fix, replace, or provide functional parts at no cost to the buyer. We cannot offer full refunds for deficient orders until the aforementioned steps are taken to replace the order.

If your equipment breaks after use, be sure to contact us immediately. All of the products we sell include a valid, factory warranty (unless otherwise noted). We will assist you in setting up a return with the center and getting a fixed product as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Any policies specific to the warranty apply to items purchased from The DJ House.

You can return unused products for up to a 25% restocking fee and the cost of postage both ways. All unused products must be returned within 30 days of delivery and be in perfect working condition. Delivery is marked by the date of arrival at the buyer's shipping address. This delivery date will be provided by the shipping company assuming that the shipping company provides accurate information. All unused items must be returned in their complete, original shipping containers and packages and include all spare parts/accessories. Orders can be canceled after they are placed as long as they haven't been fully processed (or shipped out) yet. Once your order is processed, you will be charged the restocking fee if you want to cancel it. Note: We recommend asking your product related questions via email in order to keep the questions and answers on record for valid returns. Refunds will not be issued until we have the reutrned product(s) in our possession. The following items are not returnable: software, special order items, used or B-stock products, close-out items, televisions, and automotive merchandise. Also, microphones, in-ear monitors, and any other item that touches your mouth, nose, or inner-ear cannot be returned once opened due to health laws.

In addition, returns must follow the instructions and abide by the policies below:

  1. Never return items without getting an RA number and ship-to address.
  2. All returns must be sent back with an authorized RA number, clearly written on the outside of the shipping box (NOT the product or manufacturer packaging).
  3. Boxes must be packaged sufficiently and meet specifications and policies established by the shipping provider.
  4. All boxes must be numbered and contain the total number of boxes being returned (for example: Box 1 of 4). This should be clearly written next to the RA number on the outside of the shipping package and NOT on the product packaging.
  5. Credit will be issued within 5 business days of the date The DJ House receives the order. It will be issued in the same manner that the order was charged.
  6. RA numbers come with a 30-day expiration date. If the product isn't returned within 30 days of receiving the RA number, it cannot be returned.
  7. Credit will not be issued for products that are returned without a valid RA number.
  8. Invalid returns can be shipped back to the buyer at the buyer's own expense.

For international orders and products shipped to Hawaii or Alaska.

The aforementioned policied apply to all international and overseas orders, except that the buyer will always be responsible for shipping fees to and from The DJ House.

Typographical Errors

We continuously review the content of our pages to ensure that there are minimal typographical errors, and therefore strongly encourage you to trust the information posted on all of our pages. We strive for accuracy in all product descriptions, links, images, prices, and any other content shown on this website. We cannot guarantee that any of the information listed above is entirely accurate, complete, or current. Although we highly doubt that there are any errors in the information listed above, our customers can contact a representative to double check with any questions or concerns. We will assume responsibility for incorrect, item-related information that a representative explains to a customer. If a customer requests a return due to incorrect information provided by a representative, their solution would be to return the item as unused.

Payment Options

We accept Visa and MasterCard through our internal processing system. You can also checkout with PayPal and Google Checkout. Credit cards and PayPal are not accepted for most international orders. We only accept PayPal orders from users who are verified. Google Checkout is a fast, secure method of accepting all major credit cards. We can take phone orders, but we recommend ordering online for security reasons. We also accept wire transfers, but the buyer is responsible for paying a $25 wire transfer fee. We accept check/money orders, but the buyer must know that this can greatly delay the processing time as we must wait for the money order to clear before we can send out the item. All check/money orders must be paid in U.S. Dollars.

*Contact us to see if we accept credit cards from your country.

Payment Policies

We charge a $35.00 returned payment fee for any type of returned/bad payment including but not limited to: checks, wire transfers, money orders, bank transfers, money transfers, credit/debit card payments, PayPal, or Google Checkout. This also applies to any fraudulent or incorrect use of a chargeback or stop-payment with a credit/debit card payment, PayPal payment , Google Checkout payment, or bank payment. Customer is responsible for the $35.00 fee plus 100% of the original payment and any additional fees The DJ House incurs due to the bad payment or chargeback. If the retuned payment came back before the customer's order was processed (or before service was rendered) and the customer does not wish to proceed with the order or service requested, only the $35 fee along with any additional fees or losses The DJ House incurred due to the returned/bad payment or false chargeback will be due to The DJ House.

Fraudulent Transactions

We take the safety of our customers very seriously. To prevent fraudulent transactions, we may request additional confirmation for orders over $2,000. If we detect a fraudulent transaction, it will be canceled immediately, and you will not be charged. At that point, we will contact you to notify you about the transaction. Our anti-fraud detection system can sometimes be triggered if you have made multiple large purchases in a short period of time. If this is the case, we will guide you through the process of successfully placing an order with us. Orders that are being shipped to different addresses than their billing address will also require additional fraud-checking. We may call you if we detect any chance of a fraudulent transaction.


All of our prices listed on this website are in U.S. Dollars unless otherwise noted. Prices are subject to change without notice. If we notice that an item you've purchased from us is listed on our website at a price that is incorrect (at the time of purchase), and it results in you paying extra for your item, we will fully refund you the additional money that you were charged. Additionally, if an item is listed on our website lower than our actual price, we will request that you pay the additional money to compensate for the difference. If you do not wish to pay the additional fees, we will cancel your order and refund you in full.


All content included on this site, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, and software, is the property of The DJ House or its content suppliers and protected by United States and international copyright laws.