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Blizzard Lighting wiCICLE System (wiPAK)

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Product Description:
Blizzard wiPack (Blizzard Lighting wiCicle System) - 1x Transmitter, 1x Receiver

Blizzard wiPak - wiCICLE Starter Package

We now offer the wiCICLE™ Skywire receiver, wiCICLE™ wireless DMX transmitter, and accessories all in one handy package! Pick up a wiPak™ and you will have everything you need to get started in the world of wireless DMX.

Blizzard Lighting's wiCICLE wireless DMX system is a powerhouse in a tiny package! Not much bigger than a standard XLR connector, the wiCICLE™ releases you from the crushing chains of cable-fed DMX lighting. (Maybe we're being a bit over dramatic, but it is liberating!)

The wiCICLE™ system features 512 auto-assigning frequencies in 7 groups allowing up to 7 systems to run simultaneously in the same space, completely free of interference! (multiple systems required)

Despite their small size, the wiCICLE™ Skywire and wiCICLE transmitter make one powerful system, capable of reliable wireless communication for over 1000 feet, line-of-sight. And rest assured, our wiCICLE products work flawlessly with any of our other wireless DMX products such as the LightCaster™ wireless DMX transceiver, and all Blizzard Skywire wireless controllers such as the Kontrol 5 Skywire!

  •   Frequency-Agile 2.4Ghz Wireless DMX system with 512 channels and 7 groups
  •   Ultra-compact form factor - no extra boxes, just plug and play!
  •   Very easy to use
  •   Up to 1000 feet transmission (line of sight)
  •   Up to 7 systems may operate simultaneously
  •   One transmitter can communicate with multiple receivers
  •   7-color LED for ease of programming

  •   Transmission band: 2.4Ghz ISM (2.4-2.525Ghz)
  •   Channels: 512
  •   Frequency Groups: 7
  •   Transmitter power: 20dBm
  •   Receiver sensitivity: -94dBm
  •   Power Supply: 5VDC, 500mA (adaptors included)