Mixars Quattro Mixer 

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Mixars Quattro  (Mixars Mix-Quattro)

The Mixars QUATTRO is a professional 4-channel mixer for a forthcoming release of Serato. QUATTRO is Serato DJ & DVS enabled with dual USB audio connection, 16 RGB control pads, and effects selection. It is a full-feature mixer made to conquer the club scene with superior audio quality completely integrated with  the world-renowned software, SERATO DJ. It achieves a great layout, control, and reliability thanks to its 16 RGB pads, four effects (Filter, Noise, Gate, Crush) for each channel, FX section with 14 additional effects, send/return, and dedicated sampler volume.
Order the Mixars Quattro professional 4-channel mixer from KPODJ today.

Mixars Quattro Features:
4-Channel Digital Mixer for SERATO DJ
16 RGB PADS with Hot Cue and Sampler control
Dual USB audio connections
2 Microphone Inputs
Dedicated 4 high-quality effects for each channel with a single knob
Completely MIDI mappable
Microphone Input
Trim Output master volume
24-bit digital output
Rugged metal construction
Auto loop encoder
Sampler switch
Dedicated Sampler Volume
Effects send/return

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